You currently have a brand newthanks to estimate corn yields. The new Pioneer Corn Yield estimatoris accessible as a part of the Pioneer mobile app. This tool uses a machine-learning model, thatpermits you to quickly associate degreed accurately count the kernels on an ear whereaswithin the field, say Corteva Agriscience officers. The yield estimate relies on kernel count, stand count, and kernels per bushel. 

The yield estimator walks you thru the method of lining up the ear of corn to be sampled, taking the mandatory range of pictures, and getting into the remaining info before providing a yield estimate. The tool needs that husks and silks be removed before taking the image, however the ear doesn’t have to be compelled to be force from the stalk.

“The creation of this tool is part of Pioneer’s larger efforts to advance customers’ ability to improve management,” said Jeremy Groeteke, U.S. digital agriculture lead, Corteva Agriscience, in a company news release. “The goal of this app is to standardize the process for estimating yield from a single ear of corn and is part of our predictive agriculture effort.”

The new login interface, in conjunction with a easy on-line payment expertise and mobile responsiveness, is intended to create a additional cohesive on-line atmosphere for all users, say company officers. 

The new web site is intended to be a one-stop search, providing premium resources, like a personalized seed guide, native yield information, updated and improved science filtering, and seasonal tools and calculators, says Corteva Agriscience officials.ADVERTISEMENT


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