Out of several cool features that are inside your iPhone’s settings menu, a feature to use your iPhone as a microphone is becoming popular these days over Twitter. The feature lets you use your iPhone as a microphone, and you can use wireless AirPods headphones to listen to the recorded conversation from a distance.

As per the recent reports, a tweet which best describes this cool feature of your iPhone, “Live Listen,” has been retweeted over 47,000 times.

The tweet says:

“If u have AirPods, u can press “Live Listen” to “On” and leave your phone in the room with someone, and u can hear what they are saying, thank me later.”

While a lot of iPhone users are quite excited after using “Live Listen” over their phones, some people, on the other hand, are creeped out by the feature. Most of the people are having second thoughts as they are saying that using iPhone as a spy device may cause some issues. Reports say that the person who has tweeted about the feature over the Twitter says that “Live Listen” can be used as a way to cheat on a test.

On a serious note, recording a conversation in countries like New Zealand is an offense and is punishable unless you’re a party to the conversation, according to the Privacy Commissioner. It is said that the feature “Live Listen” has nothing to do with spying and it is just a feature to support people with hearing loss.

Here’s how Apple describes it:

“Made for iPhone hearing aids, sound processors, and now AirPods can help you have better conversations in loud places. Just turn on the Live Listen feature and move your iPhone toward the people you’re talking with. Live Listen uses the microphone to pick up what they’re saying more clearly.”

Apple first introduced “Live Listen” in the iPhone through a software update in September for Apple’s AirPods. Apple has affirmed that the feature was previously made available for a few models of Apple-certified hearing aids.

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