SanDisk earlier at CES 2018 unveiled its prototype of a 1TB flash drive, but the product never came in. This time, the company has come up with a more significant achievement and displayed its largest USB ever having 4TB of storage. SanDisk at CES 2019 kind of showed off the mammoth USB storage device that will be a perfect fit for your pocket.

Similar to the previous year, the company owned by Western Digital showed up the prototype product, and there is no guarantee that the USB will hit the market anytime soon. The prototype that SanDisk displayed at the event has a small USB Type-C cable to connect it with your computer making it similar to an SSD.

SanDisk has taken a giant leap with the development of the small device which can store as much as 4TB of data. The company claims that it is the world’s highest-capacity drive of its kind.

Besides unveiling the prototype of 4TB USB, SanDisk with Western Digital also made few other tangible announcements at CES 2019, one of them being the My Passport Go. It is a ruggedized SSD meant for use on the go. The hard drive is capable of surviving a fall of up to two meters and will be available in two sizes - 512GB or 1TB. My Passport Go will hit the market in two different colors, blue and yellow.

SanDisk, on the other hand, announced its own toughened SSD in the form of the Extreme SSD Pro. The hard drive has a capacity of up to 2TB. Adding more to the features, Extreme SSD Pro comes with a USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector which has much higher transfer speeds as compared to others.

Last but not the least SanDisk also announced a tool capable of making cloud backup of the content of your flash drives. The company named the tool “Flashback,” and it will support only two flash drives, the SanDisk Ultra, and the SanDisk Ultra Fit.

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