Today, during the CES press conference, Dell has announced that its premium laptop range XPS 15, Alienware m15 and G 15 will come equipped with 4K OLED display from March 2019. Unveiling the new OLED-equipped laptops, Dell has proven that HP is not the only company which can manufacture laptops with OLED displays.

Earlier in 2017, Dell tried to score numbers by using OLED in the Alienware 13 and since then the market is waiting for better screens in Dell laptops. There have been reports that the new 4K OLED panels equipped in the laptops will support HDR and will feature a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. Besides this, the new OLED-equipped laptops will also cover 100 percent of the DCI-P3 gamut.

Dell during its CES press conference shared that it learned a lot from the previous Alienware OLED machine including how to deal with heat dissipation and ways to deal with the technology’s higher power usage.

Until now, companies were seen launching OLED equipped laptops occasionally like HP’s Spectre x360 and Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1, which were launched somewhere in 2016. But now notebook manufacturers are more focused on technology, and they are bringing better quality LCD panels to notebooks. Though one thing is sure that how good an LCD screen is, it can’t compete with the high contrast of OLED.

Dell during the CES 2019 displayed the XPS 15 and Alienware m15 equipped with OLED. Both the models were amazing, and it looked as if colors were popping out of the screen with amazing visuals and graphics. Those who watched the HDR 60FPS YouTube videos during the brief CES demo said that the videos looked almost three-dimensional.

Apparently, it is a good signal for the laptop manufacturer and looks like we will soon see the company extending the technology to its other 15-inch notebooks. As of now, there have been no words from the company regarding the prices of the OLED-equipped laptops, but we hope that the firm will soon settle on the prices.

Alex Canfield is a 1999 graduate of De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines. After over a decade working office jobs, he decided to start his own news publication. He mainly focuses on technology articles and editorials at Markets Pioneer. He loves to listen to music and play with gadgets in his spare time. Email:[email protected]


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