Google will soon add a new feature to Google Assistant which will let passengers have a better idea about whether their flight will be delayed or not. At present, Google shares such predictions with Google Flights but soon this independent feature will be added to Google Assistant.

Reports say that if things go well, then this holiday season itself passengers can ask Google Assistant whether their flight is on time or not. They will immediately be replied for their query with a status of their flight.

Sources have reported that Google is using machine learning technology along with historical flight status data to make flight predictions. The combination of these will provide results that will be 85 percent close to the actual results.

Besides this, Google will also provide a reason for the delay, like the incoming flight being late, whenever possible. Though Google will show the closest results, there is a space for error in the remaining 15% window. So, it would be better if passengers show up to the airport normally and do not become fully dependent on the feature.

Google, besides planning flight prediction feature, is also working on its few tools to help you plan your next holidays. To make your experience better, Google has added some essential features in Google Maps to give you some ideas and options regarding places you can go for your holidays.

At the time of planning trips, Google will also display the upcoming local holidays if any in your desired slot. This will be beneficial to avoid the days where every kid from 4 to 18 goes to Disney World following local holidays in the schools.

Google will also add some of the new filters to Google Flights in order to check whether a flight ticket includes a fee for checked baggage or carry-ons.

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