Though we all assume that a WiFi hotspot is always better than modern cellular data, it is not true at all the times. In a recent study that was conducted by OpenSignal, it came up that mobile data is faster on average than WiFi hotspots in 33 countries and WiFi was much of pain there.

The 33 countries which were taken as reference for the studies included multiple African, European, Latin American and Middle Eastern nations. Talking about the speed of the internet in different countries, you can easily get a speed of 10Mbps or more in places like Australia, Oman, and the Czech Republic, while multi-megabit advantages are common in places like Austria, Iran, and South Africa. But there are countries where cellular links are either giving tough competitions to the WiFi links or are better than those.

As per the recent studies in countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and the US, the home broadband services are pretty much fast, but there are some areas in which LTE is providing a consistent edge for download speeds. Studies show that in Lebanon, the downstream speeds of users were 25Mbps faster than on WiFi.

The results of the Opensignal study has forced users to rethink over the assumption that WiFi is usually best. Though it was somehow true in the era when smartphones were young, now with LTE in the market cellular networks are not far behind anymore. Opensignal also focused upon the problems that WiFi faces such as overcrowded networks.

“While WiFi has its purposes (both for local networking and for places with data caps), you might find yourself sticking to cellular access more often going forward,” concluded Opensignal after conducting the successful study on WiFi links vs. cellular links.

Nicholas Morine is a writer for the Markets Pioneer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature along with a Master of Philosophy degree in the Humanities. Nick is a science fiction and fantasy novelist, a political junkie, and a fan of heavy metal. Email:[email protected]


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