San Francisco: LG, a South Korean company and Samsung’s biggest rival is now coming up with a foldable smartphone after Samsung revealed its first foldable phone. As per the recent reports, LG has recently applied for three brand name registrations as “Flex,” “Foldi” and “Duplex” for the upcoming foldable phone that the company will soon launch. The smartphone maker has registered the said names at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

“All three applications are categorized in Class 9 that includes smartphones, so it’s a pretty safe bet that LG is claiming these names for any future devices it makes, foldable or otherwise,” Engadget reported late on Friday. But still, it has not been made clear by the company that whether LG will use these names for the upcoming smartphones or any other device.

“The first two, ‘Flex’ and ‘Foldi,’ are pretty straightforward and in sync with Samsung’s Galaxy F and Huawei’s Flexi/Flex trademarks. “‘Duplex,’ on the other hand, is an interesting choice by LG, especially considering that Google is using the word for its AI call-making feature that just started rolling out to users,” said reports.

Recent reports have revealed that Samsung will launch its first foldable smartphone somewhere in March next year. And apart from the foldable smartphone, Samsung will also launch its first fifth-generation (5G) network-powered smartphone, Galaxy S10. Samsung has three models lined up to be unveiled next year in the first quarter. The firm will launch the flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone in February which will be followed by the all-new foldable Galaxy F and another edition of the Galaxy S10 that will run on the 5G network in March.

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