Recently, Facebook has launched a new tool for its mobile app. With the help of this new tool, users can now monitor the time that they have spent over the social media platform on their mobile phone. The tool which has been named as a time-management tool will not only let users know the amount of time spent over Facebook, but it will also send alerts if users cross the pre-defined time limit.

Facebook has introduced the all-new time-management tool for its mobile app on both the Android and iOS platforms. Using the tool, users can easily monitor that how much time they have spent on the Facebook mobile app in the last seven days. Facebook has revealed that the data regarding the time spent over the social media platform can be found in the “Your Time on Facebook” section of the application’s menu, which is available under “Settings & Privacy” tab.

To use the latest time-management tool in the best possible way, users can set a daily reminder on the mobile app which will alert them when the users cross a pre-defined time limit. For example, suppose a user wishes to spend a maximum of 30 minutes per day on Facebook then he/she can set the time limit of 30 minutes. Soon after crossing the time limit, users will receive a notification on their mobile phone which will alert the user about the exceeding daily time limit. However, users can change the time limit at any given time.

Talking more about the features, Facebook is also offering shortcuts to various newsfeed preferences. These shortcuts will allow users to experience some unique options like prioritizing posts from certain friends and even unfollowing people to hide their posts without unfriending them.

Users may soon see the same kind of services over Facebook’s Instagram mobile app.

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