With Black Friday approaching rapidly, it’s the month of super deals in the online as well as the local retail market. Numerous brands are offering deals on their products thereby selling their products at an attractive prize. Similar is the case with PlayStation 4 console bundles. Sony is offering a mind-boggling deal this Black Friday week on its PS4 Spider-man bundle.

Recently, Sony via its PlayStation blog has announced that in the coming Black Friday week which is from Nov. 18 to 26, the company will sell its perfect gaming console Play Station 4 at discounted prices. Besides this, Sony has also announced that users can also take the benefits of the deal over the VR hardware and controllers of the gaming console during the Black Friday week.

Sony besides offering deals over its gaming console and accessories will also offer discounts on several games in the PlayStation Store running from Nov. 16 to 27, though it’s yet to announce specific titles.

The Black Friday deal over Sony’s gaming console will be available on most of the retailers in the market. Buyers will have an option to purchase the console from their favourite store or a store which is most convenient for them. So, if this Black Friday you’ve got $200 and want to play Spider-Man then you’ve got plenty of options.

During the sale, PS4 1TB Spider-Man bundle will be available for $200 which will straight away save you $100. The PS4 1TB Spider-Man bundle will have a standard jet-black PS4 which will have a storage space of 1TB. Besides the console, the bundle will have one wireless controller and a copy of Spider-Man, one of the games of the year.

On the other hand, Walmart too will be offering a similar deal with PS4 Slim 1TB Spider-Man Bundle at $199 which will make you save $101 on your pocket. In this deal, buyers will get a slim PlayStation 4 with 1 Tb of storage space and a copy of Spider-Man game included. The bundle will have one wireless controller for sure.

Nicholas Morine is a writer for the Markets Pioneer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature along with a Master of Philosophy degree in the Humanities. Nick is a science fiction and fantasy novelist, a political junkie, and a fan of heavy metal. Email:[email protected]


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