Reports coming from the One Plus has already confirmed that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will soon launch a smartphone that will be 5G compatible. But the company has not uttered a word on the details or specifications regarding the new 5G compatible smartphone that will launch next year.

One of the spokespeople of OnePlus revealed that the upcoming 5G compatible smartphone won’t be a successor to the OnePlus 6T as the successor of OnePlus 6T named as OnePlus 7 won’t feature 5G compatibility.

The spokesperson of the company even informed that One Plus will unveil the 5G smartphone in early 2019. There has been news that the phone will be released during the Mobile World Congress in February next year in Barcelona, Spain.

Of course, the new 5G compatible smartphone will be expensive; therefore the company is planning to keep it away from the current lineup and will release a new lineup for the 5G device. Such a strategy will be used by One Plus to not compromise on its “affordable flagship” mantra.

“If the 5G device turns out to be an expensive one, we expect the company to offer a few other premium features as well, such as wireless charging. The company is also expected to opt for a different design language for the 5G device,” said spokesperson from One Plus.

Another possible reason that can make the company come up with a different lineup from its current one could be the company’s fear for the adaptation of 5G technology. Everybody knows that One Plus is pretty successful with its current line up and so it doesn’t want to risk that with a pricier phone boasting new technology.

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