From now onwards, YouTube can be easily downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop as it was launched on the Nintendo Switch yesterday. Nintendo Switch was launched in the market in March 2017, and since then YouTube has become the second major video app to be released on the console.

The video app will provide what users might be expecting from the console since its launch, including access to the platform’s endless selection of videos. Besides this, YouTube has revealed that the switch version of the video app will fully support 360-degree videos too. Users can easily navigate the videos inside the app with the help of left joystick of Nintendo Switch and its main buttons.

YouTube even informed that the touchscreen of the console would partially work in handheld mode thereby making video searching and using the app a lot easier as compared to using a joystick for the same.

The right joystick of the Nintendo Switch can only be used for panning around 360-degree videos as it cannot be used to navigate around the video app.

To get the subscriptions and recommendations and to get access to the personal video library, users can sign into YouTube with their Google account. Users besides this can also stream their movies library anywhere on the go. With Nintendo switch, users can not only have a great movie watching experience in portable mode but can even enhance their experience when the console is docked.

With Hulu and now YouTube launched for the console, it is still a question whether Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will become the part of the league, the reason being the incredibly thin list of non-game content on Nintendo Switch. But there is a ray of hope that the entry of a second big player in the platform will boost others to bring their popular services to Switch.

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