Volvo promises to use 25 percent reused plastic in its cars

The vehicle manufacturing company, Volvo has reportedly promised to manufacture its vehicles with at least twenty-five percent of recycled plastics starting from the year 2025. The Swedish automaker would be making use of a higher quantity of reused substances in designing the cabin of its transport vehicles.

As reported by the American Chemistry Council, on an average, the conventional cars use three hundred thirty-two pounds plastic. Taking the estimation into account, it could be well said that the promised objective of Volvo would not be easy to achieve.  However, the ratio of the plastic used to the total weight varies from one automaker to another.

The main motive of Volvo is to anyhow ensure that a minimum of one-quarter of the total plastics that it usually uses in its each new car must be replaced with recycled materials. However, the automaker could not achieve all this independently. In order to fulfill this target, Volvo would have to share its idea with its suppliers to make its supplies of fabrics and other materials meet the minimum set standards.

In order to demonstrate as to how its objective would look like, Volvo released a special version of its XC60 SUV in which recycled materials are used in place of virgin plastic. For an instance, inside the cabin, the seats are made of PET fibers obtained from the plastic bottles. The carpet of the car is made from a mix of those fibers with a sort of recycled cotton, which Volvo obtained from the offcuts it got from the clothing industries. The tunnel console is reportedly made from plastics and fibers obtained from old and worn out fishing nets.

The CEO and President of Volvo Cars, Håkan Samuelsson, said in a statement, “Environmental care is one of Volvo’s core values and we will continue to find new ways to bring this into our business.” Samuelsson added, “This car and our recycled plastics ambition are further examples of that commitment.”

This is not the very first time that such a promise has been made by an automobile company. Back in the year 2012, the automobile manufacturer, Ford had also announced its plans to design the components of the Focus Electric with reused plastic bottles. The company had also tried making the interior trim’s rubber from dandelion roots.

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