Retired ferry sinks to serve as an artificial reef

A drone reportedly captured the video of a ferry that went down to the bed of the Atlantic Ocean after retiring from its job. The vessel lowered down the ocean for a newly assigned task that required it to be a part of some artificial coral reefs. This decommissioned vessel that carried people making many hundreds of trip, would now provide the marine creatures a habitat.

The retired three hundred twenty feet, two thousand one hundred ton MV Twin Capes from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry fleet has reportedly joined the three hundred twenty-seven subway cars of New York City along with many military vessels, which constitute the Del-Jersey-Land artificial reef. Jeff Tinsman, the coordinator of the artificial reef at the Division of Fish and Wildlife of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, said in a statement that the retired ferry is presently uniting with a “unique community.”

The ferry that began functioning around forty years ago, has reportedly tripped between the Cape Henlopen and the Cape May. The MV Twin Capes ferry was renovated at some time in the 1990s.  As a part of this twenty-seven million dollars renovation plan, some essential components were added to the ferry, which would now act beneficial for the marine creatures. The ferry would be engaged in creating sustainable habitats for marine animals such as sharks, tuna, and barracudas. According to the received reports, the MV Twin Capes ferry would even provide a distinct diving section for people.

The video shot by the drone showed that several holes were made on the vessel for making water emerge into the hull. Within the course of just some minutes, the MV Twin Capes leaned sideways and disappeared into the ocean.

The Del-Jersey-Land artificial reef, other than providing a sustainable habitat to the marine creatures, even breaks the ocean currents forming under the water. This is just like the natural coral reefs, which do not allow the strong ocean currents to cause floods. According to the scientists, coral reefs loss would cause flooding of the coastal regions. Artificial reefs basically are a way to recover the damaged coral reefs.

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