Human brain tends to get attracted more towards fats and carbs combined foods

According to a new study performed by a group of researchers at the Yale University, human brain gets stimulated more by food such as Pizza, Mac and Cheese, and Doughnuts. The foods consisting of higher carbs and fats reportedly tend to act as addictive drugs for the brain.

As a part of this new study, some subjects were chosen and were viewed pictures of different types of foods and a price was placed depicting the price of the food items. Some of those food items reportedly contained fats, the others contained carbs and the rest contained both fats and carbs. At the time when the subjects were selecting their treat, the researchers connected them with a fMRI scanner for checking the things that were crossing their brains at that time.

Despite the limited amount of money provided, the subjects wanted to spend more on the food items, which consisted of a combination of carbs as well as fats. The researchers noted that while the subjects chose their treat, neural networks present in their brains immediately lit up to the maximum for the food items consisting of fats as well as carbs in comparison to the food items that had a larger size, were sweeter, or were denser in calories.

The researchers involved in this study said, “These results are the first to demonstrate that foods high in fat and carbohydrates are more rewarding, calorie for calorie, than foods high only in fat or carbohydrate.”

According to the experts, the reason behind our higher likelihood for some foods than the others actually dates back to ages ago when humans were hunter-gatherers. Back then humans used to feed on the foods that were promptly available. For this reason, sometimes the gatherers fed on meat for lunch and at the other times, they had berries. But they never had the combination of both the food items at one time. Hence, as per the researchers, humans may have developed a satiety system for consuming carbohydrates and fats independently.

The early humans did not consume carbs and fats together till they domesticated animals and plants for both dairy and fruits. But until that time processed food items were developed that had a combination of both the nutrients.

The researchers said that humans could have developed distinct mechanisms to desire for foods consisting of carbs as well as fats in a way such that if they both are combined, our brain gets strongly propelled to them. The researchers hope that further understanding this mechanisms could bring to light how human brains influence what they eat.

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