Costco is suspending free examples over security worries with the spread of the coronavirus.

It was not promptly known whether Costco has pulled tests from all stores in the U.S. or on the other hand possibly in select zones or when the suspension would end.

Club Demonstration Services, which gives in-store showcasing occasions to Costco, declined to remark late Friday and alluded calls to Costco. Costco didn’t react to USA TODAY’s demand for input.

Costco stores in California, Washington state and Florida said they didn’t have the foggiest idea when Costco would start offering free nourishment tests once more.

The news that item exhibits would be suspended initially surfaced on Reddit Thursday.

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Customers grieved the buffet of free snacks via web-based networking media. Costco free examples are an amazing draw at the distribution center clubs, regardless of whether they are calmly touching or going for an entire supper. Customers can test a meatball here, a couple of pretzels there, while heaping bathroom tissue and filtered water into their larger than average trucks.

Costco said for the current week it’s battling to keep filtered water, disinfectants and other basic supplies in stock as customers getting ready to dig in stock up. Some Costco areas have set boundaries for how much bathroom tissue or paper towel they can buy.

“We’re getting conveyances day by day, yet at the same time insufficient given the expanded levels sought after on certain key things,” Costco CFO Richard Galanti, said in an income call Thursday with speculators.

Costco test change: Has their store pulled tests over COVID-19?

Some Costco stores have suspended free examples over wellbeing worries with the spread of the coronavirus. Is their store despite everything offering tests? USA TODAY needs to know whether their store has rolled out an improvement and what their considerations are for conceivable incorporation in USA TODAY’s inclusion.


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