Not long ago, Essential dropped the news that they were closing down. The organization would never again keep chipping away at its second cell phone, the Project GEM gadget. All the more significantly for clients, Essential expressed they would never again give programming backing to its sole cell phone, the Essential Phone. That implied the gadget, which at first propelled in 2017 with Android 7.1 Nougat, won’t get any updates after the February 2020 security fix turned out recently. Despite the fact that the organization has closed down, it would seem that Essential will offer clients the chance to test one more update: the Android 11 Developer Preview.

As spotted by Braden Farmer on Twitter, Essential architects have opened another branch called “r-preview” on their GitHub repo. The submits are planned for making the Essential Phone increasingly perfect with the Android 11 Generic System Image (GSI), a prebuilt framework picture that can be booted on gadgets that help Project Treble. It should as of now be conceivable to boot the Android 11 DP1 GSI on the PH-1 gratitude to the work that Essential has done to help Project Treble; truth be told, Essential’s capacity to turn out day 1 updates of month to month Android security fixes and significant OS updates can be credited to their work on Treblizing the gadget and how near stock the product is.

Jean-Baptiste Théou, System Software Lead at Essential, affirmed in a remark that they “just need final internal review and validation on the latest GSI for Android 11 to allow the community to use it.” Once that is done, Essential will discharge prebuilt seller, boot, and framework pictures that clients should initially streak onto their gadgets before blazing the official Android 11 GSI from Google. Despite the fact that Essential won’t be revealing an official Android 11 update, clients would thus be able to give the most recent adaptation of Android a shot their own, if they have opened the bootloader.


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