'Angry Birds' turns 10 years old today

In case you’re as of now battling with entering an entirely different decade in a little while’s time, here’s something that is going to make you feel significantly more seasoned: Angry Birds is 10 years of age today. In kid terms, it’s on the cusp of center school and it’s most likely began replying back.

For a portable game with such an inquisitive reason – toss flying creatures at green pig heads and break stuff all the while – it’s done amazingly well. The first game was the primary versatile game to hit one billion downloads, it was the main portable game to be played in space, and it’s even been downloaded in the remotest corners of Antarctica.

The game has seen over 4.5 billion downloads to date, however while the games themselves have gotten to a lesser degree a draw after some time, the whole Angry Birds establishment gives no indications of backing off. There’s been a shockingly effective motion picture – prompting a continuation – also a veritable heap of product, and obviously, various PR stunts. The Venting Machine was a significant Times Square draw a month ago, while the establishment at the same time took advantage of the intensity of online influencers with the dispatch of an armada of outrage controlled bikes (otherwise known as Rage Riders).

But on the other hand it’s profited by its prosperity for good. An in-game occasion for Angry Birds 2 as of late approached players to show support for UNICEF’s Education in Emergencies subsidize by popping 10 billion pigs, where upon Rovio – Angry Birds’ engineer – would make a $100,000 gift to the philanthropy. Players, typically, completely crushed that objective.

In 2014, we inquired as to whether the time of Angry Birds was finished. All things considered, more trick us. With AR and VR side projects and the game accessible on each possible comfort and the subsequent motion picture performing so well, it’s protected to state the age of the irate fledgling will spread well into the following decade, as well.


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