Elon Musk’s space organization, SpaceX, is presently worth more than his electric car organization, Tesla — at least on paper.

SpaceX is esteemed at $33.3 billion, investors familiar with the organization’s most recent round told CNBC on Friday. Tesla’s market cap was $32.8 billion toward the finish of trading Friday.

Musk is the biggest shareholder and CEO of the two organizations, with a 54% stake in SpaceX and over 20% ownership of Tesla.

SpaceX effectively propelled 60 Starlink satellites into orbit recently, and has raised more than $1.02 billion since the start of 2019. Tesla shares have declined by over 44% amid a similar period.

The electric vehicle creator has attempted to get control over its spending, while at the same time staking its future on achievement in China. Its effort to set up a factory in Shanghai started for this present year as trade relations between the U.S. also, China quickly decayed.

Until Tesla can make its Model 3 electric vehicles there, it faces steep import taxes in China. It additionally faces higher tariffs on parts and raw materials it purchases from Chinese suppliers to make its batteries and cars in the United States.

Morgan Stanley investigator Adam Jonas said (on a May 22 call) that investors shouldn’t rule out the likelihood that Musk could utilize his SpaceX stake to “collateralize” Tesla. “There’s a precedent for Elon Musk to think across his portfolio of companies,” he stated, referencing the 2016 securing of SolarCity by Tesla.

The deal cost Tesla around $5 billion — it issued $2 billion in stock, and took on about $3 billion in SolarCity debt. It was additionally observed as a bailout for Musk, and his family — his cousin Lyndon Rive was the CEO of the residential solar installer, while Elon Musk and other friends and family members had personally invested in SolarCity too.


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